01 Hexagon head bolt
02 High strength friction grip bolt & nut part I
03 High strength friction grip bolt & nut part II

04 Hexagon bolt UNC/UNF

05 Heavy Hexagon Bolt A-325
06 Heavy Hexagon Bolt A-490
07 Hexagon nut metric course
08 Hexagon nut (UNC / UNF)
08 Heavy hexagon nuts for A325 & A490 bolts
09 A193-A194 Stud bolting
10 Hardened plain washers
11 Stainless steel fasteners
12 Non Ferrous fasteners

While every care has been taken in preparation of the information in this catalogue,
the company accepts no liability for any loos or damage either direct or consequentional arising out of use of this catalogue. This compilation is for reference only,
for detail refer relevent Original Standards Manual.

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